HEUBSCH washer 10kg coin operated



Leading-edge. That’s what Huebsch® stands for. We continuously develop and manufacture laundry equipment that is ahead of the game — like new front load washers with Galaxy™ 600 controls, featuring advanced cycle modifiers to maximize your revenue. These machines offer a 20% larger capacity, and they’re more powerful than ever. Equipped with innovation that delivers ultimate efficiency, they help lower your utility bills and make more money for you over the lifetime of your equipment. And with more options, including 30 programmable water levels and 24 customizable cycle selections, this game-changing equipment is designed to provide a laundry experience that is second to none.

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  • Key Product Features:

    • Cutting-Edge Sensing System
    • Incredible 440 G-Force
    • 20% Larger
    • 10-Degree Tilted Control Panel
    • Super-Strong Stainless Steel Tub
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